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Everything seems better in spring. The air smells sweet, people are wearing shorts and baby lambs are roaming the streets. It’s no wonder it also has a reputation as being the best time of year to sell your house.

It’s true that warmer weather means buyers are out and about. Gardens look bloomin’ marvellous and there’s often a rush to get settled before the Christmas tree goes up. But if you’re looking to buy somewhere new, it can also mean competing with other loved-up flower children, and that can put a premium on your next property.

Don’t despair if you’re staring down off-peak home buying season. A warm morning can bring out gaggles of buyers, but they’re not the only ones looking.

To every house (turn turn turn) there is a season

Rumours abound about the best time of year to sell a house, but it’s not the same everywhere. The geography of your home can be a contributing factor to the ideal time to sell. In spring in a temperate city, buyers might fall over themselves to admire your cascading wisteria or flush jacaranda. But in hot or humid areas, your property may be more appealing during the cooler months. Actually, winter might be the perfect time to showcase your ornate fireplace and its imported mosaic tiles.

Some of us like the crunch of leaves underfoot or the way a verandah looks in a soft grey rain. Plus, with potentially fewer buyers around in winter or autumn, there might be less demand on and faster turnaround from professionals like your solicitor or conveyancer.

Dress for the weather

Not you – you’ll be hiding in your car to watch how many people are coming to your open inspection. But your house can get frocked up in some seasonal outfits.

Opt for baskets of fresh summer produce and a breezy holiday vibe. Cosy furnishings and reading nooks will warm up the autumn crowd. In winter, fill your home with the smell of fresh-baked bread and schedule inspections that will catch the bright low sun.

Show potential buyers why they’ll love your home all year round

While it’s nice to have fresh jasmine wafting through your open inspection, buyers are savvy. They know they’ll also be living there on cold days, stormy days and during Australian furnace summers.

Your agent can showcase all of these features. Note the heating and cooling options or block-out blinds. Point out the west-facing windows that act like solar panels in winter. Rave about the deciduous tree that shades the whole yard through January. Let your home’s future owner fall in love with every season.

Focus on what’s really going to get you the right price

Three months of perfect spring days won’t fix a house that shouldn’t be on the market. It’s better to be properly prepared than to jump in headfirst on the first 25-degree day.

Is there a best time to sell your house? Maybe, but other factors deserve higher priority. Make sure your home is clean, tidy and ready to be shown to buyers. Check that you have the time to prepare your home for weekend inspections. Line up your future finances with your lender so you’re ready to move on when the sale goes through.

A light southerly breeze and a few flowers might not sell your home, but being prepared will. The good news is that your A1 Team member is available year-round to help you nail the best deal on your home loan. We’ll even come to you – rain, hail or hayfever!

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